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  • Kotimaisia hyvinvointituotteita

    Puhdasta luontoa, hyvinvointia keholle

    Hiusten- ja ihonhoitoa sekä saunaelämyksiä Suomen luonnon siivittämänä.
  • You asked, we listened 💚

    Pihka-Pekka Pihka cream is back!

    Available again with a traditional Lapland recipe!
  • Cream behind the soft skin

    Our moisturizing creams keep the skin moisturized and soft
  • Hey guy 🐶

    Is the fur messed up?

    Shampoo cares for the pet's skin and gives the coat a beautiful shine.
  • Made in Finland

    About the treasures of the Finnish forest

Natural power

We use unique active ingredients Finland's nature, because nature and especially the forests of Lapland are precious the sources of our raw materials.


We have collected the most popular Tervaskanto products and made them into sets.