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Animal Joy set

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  • 68,60€

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Doesn't your furry friend deserve the best? We think so too. That's why we've put together a ready-made set for your animal lover. The set includes our popular products for animals – Pitch oil cream, Pitch salve, Tar shampoo and Tar plaster, at a top price, of course.

Animal pitch oil cream 200 ml is a pure natural product that softens calluses, treats cracks and eases skin itching, scaling and hair loss.

Animal Resin Salve 50 ml is an antibacterial treatment salve for animal skin lesions. Promotes the healing of bruises, scratches and bruises. The Finnish Kuusenpichka contained in the product is antibacterial and has a skin-regenerating effect.

Animal Tar Patch 220 ml for help when skin damage needs to be protected! The tar patch contains antibacterial spruce resin. Ideal for protecting and treating animal scratches, scrapes and bruises.

Caring Animal Tar Shampoo 250 ml effectively but gently washes the coat. Tar shampoo treats the animal's skin, reduces the formation of dandruff and gives the coat a shine.