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Dream set

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Yoga, sauna and feeling good with domestic products. In cooperation with the women of Haave, we put together a relaxing set for you, which includes honey pampering for skin and hair, as well as a traditional scent for Finnish sauna lovers. The set consists of Haavee's entrepreneurs, Veera and Joanna's favorite products.

Honey shampoo (250 ml) is a gentle, mildly honey-scented shampoo for the whole family. Honey shampoo is suitable for all hair types, as it supports the normal moisture and fat balance of the scalp.

"The naturally fresh scent and moisturizing effect of the honey shampoo frees up frizzy hair!" -Haave, Veera & Joanna

Honey fir branch cream (200 ml) is a mildly honey-scented cream for the body. Thanks to the coconut oil and natural antioxidants contained in the cream, the moisturizing effect of the cream is nourishing, moisturizing and long-lasting. The cream is suitable for the whole family, including atopic skin. Ps. did you know that Honey Spruce Branch Cream also contains lignans, which have been scientifically proven to enhance cell regeneration.

"The honey-fir branch cream nourishes and softens the delicate skin of the sauna. The skin feels naturally smooth after use!” -Haave, Veera & Joanna

Löylyterva (100 ml) is a pure natural product from Lapland's tar stocks. Mix with spa water and let the smell of fresh tar and mild smoke sauna take you on a thought trip to Lapland.

"Löylytarva brings the breath of a natural smoke sauna to the pampering baths of the sauna.

Tar-scented steam inhalation opens the airways and deepens relaxation during sauna yoga." -Haave, Veera & Joanna