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Your skin's favorites set

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Gentle care for your (challenging) skin. Several Tervaskanto products are also suitable for problematic, atopic or psoriatic skin. This set is made for those of you who want the best for your skin. The products of the set form a whole for the treatment of the whole body.

Pihka-Pekka Resin cream (30 ml) contains spruce resin, which has skin-caring and regenerating properties and helps support the skin's normal health. Ps. with pitch cream, you can also get rid of the sticks that have passed when heating the cabin sauna, because the pitch also has the so-called traction effect.

Honey fir branch cream (200 ml) is a mildly honey-scented cream for the body. Thanks to the coconut oil and natural antioxidants contained in the cream, the moisturizing effect of the cream is nourishing, moisturizing and long-lasting. The cream is suitable for the whole family, including atopic skin. Ps. did you know that Honey Spruce Branch Cream also contains lignans, which have been scientifically proven to enhance cell regeneration.

The pitch oil cream (100 ml) is based on coconut oil and is also perfect for challenging skin. The product helps keep your skin in good condition and is also suitable for applying to insect bites.