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Midsummer set

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Midsummer is approaching and the camping season is in full swing again. It's time to pack your favorite gear and head for the cabin. But what are the cabin favorites that ensure relaxing sauna moments, skin well-being and an authentic cabin atmosphere? Well, they can be found in Tervaskanton's Midsummer set!

Tar shampoo (250 ml) is made from Finnish earth pit tar and is suitable for all hair types. The shampoo cleans the hair effectively and is suitable for all hair types. Tar shampoo is especially good for flaky and itchy scalp.

Honey shampoo (250 ml) is a gentle and moisturizing shampoo whose active ingredient is domestic flower honey. Honey gives a moisturizing and conditioning effect, making the hair feel silky and soft. The shampoo is suitable for all hair types and has a mild honey scent.

Pihka-Pekka Pihkasalva (30 ml) is a traditional SOS cream made with a Lapland recipe and method. Spruce resin (17%) gives the pitch cream its power. The cream is suitable for specific treatment of hardened and dry areas, for example moisturizing heels and cuticles. If you have atopic, psoriatic or acne skin, the cream is especially suitable as a specific treatment for you!

Honey-fir branch cream (200ml) is a deeply moisturizing cream that is also suitable for the needs of demanding and atopic skin. The versatile and fast-absorbing cream is suitable for the needs of the whole family. Thanks to the coconut oil and natural antioxidants contained in the cream, the moisturizing effect of the cream is nourishing, moisturizing and long-lasting. The cream is also suitable for atopic skin. Honeysuckle cream also contains lignans, which have been shown to enhance cell regeneration.

Löylyterva (50 ml) is a pure natural product whose raw material, your tar, is obtained from Lapland's Tar stocks. Löylytarva gives a fresh tar smell and an authentic smoke sauna atmosphere to every sauna. Mix the cap with the bath water and enjoy the aromatic smell of the tar and notice how slowly your thoughts take you to the beautiful nature of Lapland.