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Cottage favorites set

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Cottage favorites on the way and head towards the cottage. These products enable relaxing sauna moments, skin well-being and an authentic cabin atmosphere.

Pihka-Pekka Resin cream 30 ml contains spruce resin, which has skin-caring and regenerating properties and helps to support the skin's normal health. Ps. with pitch cream, you can also get rid of the sticks that have passed when heating the cabin sauna, because the pitch also has the so-called drag effect.

The traditional Finnish Tar Shampoo 250 ml is a friend of sensitive scalps, as it is also suitable for itchy and flaky scalps.

Tar soap 300 ml is a mildly scented soap that is suitable for the whole body. Tar soap is also perfect for challenging, atopic or psoriatic skin.

Löylyterva 100 ml is a pure natural product from the tar stocks of Lapland and is also known as "your tar". The lye tar is mixed with the lye water and thus it gives the cabin sauna a fresh tar smell.

Aito Hautaterva 50 ml is a great product for the cabin, because it works as an air freshener and a protective agent. Do you need to vent your voice? A few drops of genuine Grave Tar under the nose and the smells won't disturb the wood. Genuine Grave Tar is 100% earth grave tar.